Best Power Bank

Get the best selling portable power bank when you are out and need to charge or extend you cell phone or tablet without the need of an outlet. Powerbank allows you to charge two devices at the same time, This saves you time

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Power more devices

Stay Charged on the Go

If you depend on your cell phone or any other devise, then you could constantly worrying about its battery life. The best power bank today packs a colossal amount of power that translates in extra hours and peace of mind.

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Add hours to devices

Universal Power Bank Charger

Universal Power Banks adds 27 hours up to 150 hours or more of additional cell phone talk time. Power laptops, tablets and more. Powerbank allows you to charge two devices at the same time, which saves you time!

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Best Selling Power Bank for

today's most electronic devices including:

Powerbank is a portable backup USB charger that you can use to charge your GPS Systems, iPhone, Android phones, gaming systems, iPod, iPad and other portable electronic devices. The power bank portable charger can allow anyone to totally replenish any Apple iphone, iPad, Kindle Fire, any Tablet, Android phone or just any electronic device that has USB/micro. It is possible to gain another 400% charge capacity provided you carry this charger as a backup solution. For the iPad, you would be able to add up to 60% more power. This additional power translates up to an extra hours from a single complete charge session.

  • The Portable 5000mAh power bank could fully recharge up to 3x charge sessions
  • Portable 10000mAh power bank could fully recharge up to 5x charge sessions
  • Portable 15000mAh power bank could fully recharge up to 10x charge sessions
It is also quite simple to recharge this portable powerbank charger. The powerbank lithium-ion battery is just about the size of an iPhone and it comes in a polycarbonate case that has various color to choose from. It even has a flash light feature. It only weighs about 5.6 ounces to 10 ounces. It also comes in a package that includes the powerbank, the USB/micro-USB cable, as well as an instruction manual. This portable charger is a must have if you are to avoid the inconvenience of failing to communicate with your friends and loved ones as a consequence of lack of charge in any of your devices.

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